Albert Lavallee

Welcome to photographybyalbert. I consider myself to be a serious amateur photographer. I love to do outdoor and nature photography. Over the last few years I have been attempting to improve my skills at rodeo and event photography. It's an ongoing process and there is always a lot to learn.

Please note that although the photos on this site are watermaked with my name and copyright, the watermark will not appear on any prints ordered and shipped to you. If you and some of your friends are interested in purchasing some prints, you can get together, make up one order and share the shipping costs. A lot of the photos you see here will not remain on this site forever so if you have a favorite or two that you would like as a high quality print, order now. A good printed photo can be cherished and shared for many years.

I am not a full time photographer and, more often than not, my work gets in the way of doing what I would rather be doing.

This site has slowly been evolving but it takes a lot of time and effort. Every image on this site has been optimized in order to give you the highest quality photo. Also, the photos are color corrected at the lab before being printed and shipped.

Be sure to return on a regular basis to check for updates